5 Tips to Manage Your Child’s Visual Challenges

Raising Kids |

Is your child struggling with visual challenges at school? Here are 5 ways you can collaborate with their teacher to help them work through it and complete their schoolwork effectively:

  1. See if the teacher can provide enlarged copies of assignments. If not, ask if you can have them in advance to make enlargements.
  2. Whether your child does homework in the kitchen or their bedroom, ensure that you reduce the amount of visual and physical clutter in the space to allow for focus.
  3. Provide graph paper to use in math.
  4. Have a magnifying glass in their backpack.
  5. Have your child ask for a blank piece of paper to cover up parts of a test or assignment so they can focus on one step at a time.

Encourage your child take charge of learning by finding ways to overcome their visual challenges, and ask for assistance when needed. Frame their challenges as something they can manage effectively, rather than a detriment holding them back. The tone you set will go a long way in shaping how they respond.