5 Ways To Get Your Family Through The Final Month Of School

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It’s the final stretch of the school year – only one month to go. From school recitals to final exams to just having summer on the mind, it can be difficult to manage your kids’ schedules as well as your own. May and June can feel like a whirlwind and it can be hard to keep up and make time to recharge and avoid burnout. It’s important to carve out some down-time for you and your family during the next few busy weeks. This is easier said than done, right? How do you find time to organize your kids’ time as well as your own? How do you not only get through the last month of school but actually be present and enjoy all the events and get-togethers that go along with the end of the school year?

Here are some ways to not only survive the next month, but also enjoy it!

  • Chunk your to-do list. Around this time of year, your to-do list can seem never ending and of course this can feel completely overwhelming. So, to make it less stressful, try chunking your list into smaller, more manageable pieces. Prioritize your list and only look at one chunk at a time. This is not only a more efficient way of getting things done, but it also gives you less stress during hectic times. Also, teach your kids this organizational trick to help them manage their own schedules and responsibilities (especially if you have teenagers).  
  • Get outside! The weather is getting warmer, giving you more opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sun. Even just 10 minutes of a walk, bike ride, or sitting in your backyard can really help you de-stress and help you be present in the moment. There’s something very refreshing and energizing about getting outside and enjoying nature. Studies show that being outdoors significantly improves mental health, reducing stress and boosting positivity. Try to keep one weekend day errand and chore free and use it to spend time outside with your kids. Relaxing and spending quality time with your kids can help everyone through this hectic month.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. It’s crucial that during busy times with high stress you get a good night’s sleep. Try to aim for 8 hours a night. Sleep helps you fight against the stress that comes along with busy schedules. When you get a good night’s rest, you are more likely to manage your responsibilities more effectively.
  • Use teamwork. Make sure you’re not doing everything on your own. Enlist your kids, partner, parents, or even friends to help you with your responsibilities when appropriate. For instance, create a carpool system with other parents to lessen your load of “taxi-ing” your kids from one activity to the next. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it.    
  • Lower your expectations. Unlike at the beginning of the school year when you had plans to create a family calendar and build a family chore wheel, by the end of the school year these organizational aspirations may not feel as achievable as they did in September. And this ok – cut yourself some slack and just aim to get the job done – it doesn’t have to be perfect.   

The end of the school year doesn’t have to be a slog. By implementing these small yet impactful strategies into your hectic schedule, you can leave more time to enjoy the time you do have with your family and also leave a little time for yourself as well.