7 Wellness Tips to Help Manage Your Depression

Adults |

While depression often requires psychotherapy, medication or both to be treated effectively, there are some general health strategies you can use to help support your journey to wellness. When depressed it can be difficult to motivate yourself to do good things for your mind and body, but if you can try to do even just a couple of the suggestions on this list you will be greatly helping yourself on your path to mental health:

  1. Do something that makes you feel good. Begin or resume a hobby, read a book, play a sport you love, join a dance class – anything that makes you feel joyful.
  2. Try to get eight hours of sleep a night.
  3. Practice relaxation strategies. (E.g., meditation and deep breathing)
  4. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Even just going for a brisk walk and getting some fresh air makes a difference.
  5. Do not skip meals. This can make you feel irritable and tired which only exacerbates your depressive symptoms.
  6. Decrease your intake of refined sugars and carbs. These types of food can lead to a crash in mood and energy.
  7. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D, ideally via sunlight when possible.