Advice from a psychologist on choosing a baby name

Raising Kids |
​It is important to consider the psychological dimensions of growing up when you choose a name for your child. As a child psychologist, I would offer the following four pieces of advice to families exploring names for their child:

1) I would think about how the name grows with the child. Think: Will this name that is very cute on a four year old, work with an adult professional man or woman?

2) Will this name attract any teasing? Will this name be easy for the child and others to pronounce and to spell? Will the child constantly need to correct others?

3) Does this name have any special meaning to you? Will you be able to share a special message or story with your child as you explained why you chose the name you did–what special symbolism did you want to use to honour the birth of your child?

4) Are you choosing a family name, that will create an instant sense of family belonging for your child? If not for a first name, I would suggest considering a family name for a middle name. The sense of belonging is very important to a child.

Choosing a name is an important milestone in beginning the parenting journey.