Some of Our Happy Clients

The need for mental health support is greater than ever

Traditional EAPs aren’t addressing the complex challenges affecting our mental health. That’s why we have created compassionate, evidence-based mental wellness supports for businesses and organizations seeking to provide the volume and quality of care that our chaotic world requires.

We have merged with – and are now operating as – Amira Health to provide this excellent care for you, your team members and their families.


How is the Sparks Mental Health
Program Different?

We provide you with up to 12 counselling or coaching sessions.

You can use them all yourself or share them with your eligible family members. Access is available via video, chat, text or in-person when safe to do so.

Our definition of “family” matches the realities of today's families.

We know things are changing rapidly, so we include your partners or parents who live with you and children up to 25 years old as eligible family members.

Every counselor on our team works from our resilience-based clinical philosophy.

Created by our Founder, psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts, our clinical philosophy ensures clients receive consistently excellent and inclusive care.

We take the guesswork out of finding a counsellor.

Finding the right counsellor on your own can be stressful. Our clinical team makes the match for your to ensure you get the best therapist for your specific needs.

We report on the quality of the user experience.

We provide reports that include information on the quantity of program usage as well as feedback on the quality of the experience your team is having.

It’s easy for your team to get the care they need.

It can take a lot of courage for some people to reach out for support. When they do, we make the path to care simple, friendly and empathic.

Attract, Engage & Retain Talented Team Members

Our impact-focused Sparks Mental Health Program (MHP) goes above and beyond the typical EAP, demonstrating your meaningful commitment to your team’s mental health. It also has business benefits like increasing employee productivity, contentment and retention. Offering our MHP can also help you attract new talent seeking to work for a company that truly values them, their families and their mental wellness.

Mental wellness support for
your company's challenges.

Beyond our Sparks Mental Health Program, we are also here for you with a slate of mental health services. If you aren’t ready to commit to a monthly support program, we offer pay-as-you-go counseling services charged by the session. We can also help you respond to mental health crises in the workplace, show you how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental illness in your team and support your leadership in building their own resilience.

We offer workshops, consultations and custom solutions to meet your company’s specific needs. Integrating mental wellness into your workplace gives you an invaluable advantage, unlocking productivity, boosting employee engagement and empowering your company to excel together.

Pay-As-You-Go Counseling

If you aren’t ready to subscribe to the MHP, our excellent counselors are available for pay-as-you-go therapy services charged by the session. Our Clinical Director thoughtfully matches each client with their counselor based on their clinical needs to help ensure that counselling is effective and resolved in a timely manner whenever possible.

Crisis Management

When crisis strikes your team it can be hard to know what to do and how to do it – all while coping with your own emotional response. Our crisis management support includes step-by-step leadership guidance and support, on-site counseling for your team and follow-up sessions as needed.

Resilience Training for Leaders

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when life gets hard. Whether challenges are personal or professional, being resilient helps you get through difficult experiences and come out of them even stronger.

This 2 hour workshop trains your leaders to build their resilience both proactively and reactively. The goal is for them to leave feeling empowered to tackle their own unique mental wellness challenges, cultivate courageous leadership and be able to connect meaningfully with their team moving forward.

Mental Wellness First Aid

We were already in the midst of a mental health crisis prior to COVID. Now, many mental health issues like anxiety, depression and substance use have worsened during quarantine and are continuing now as we navigate ongoing uncertainty. This decline in mental wellness impacts the overall health of your team, and their ability to be productive in your company.

You likely have team members trained to handle physical first aid issues in the workplace. We’re here to help you understand how to handle mental health issues that require similar support. This 3 or 4 hour workshop includes sections on Ending Stigma, Caring for Your Own Mental Wellness, Recognizing the Mental Health Issues and Crisis Prevention & Management.



Webinar Presentations

We offer one hour virtual presentations for your team on key topics such as:

  • Staying Productive From Home
  • Tackling Biases
  • Changing Your Relationship with Anxiety
  • Building Your Family’s Resilience
  • Financial Wellness

Each session is psychology-based with a down-to-earth perspective. Custom webinars are also available.

Employee Development Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful tool for improving your skills in many areas including time management, problem-solving, workplace behavior, confidence-building and more. Coaching is tailored to your employee’s specific needs and can include collaboration with company management as needed.

Return to Work Assessments

Clinical support and analysis to determine whether a team member is emotionally and mentally ready to return to their role in your workplace. Especially helpful when navigating a return from short or long term disability periods.

Layoff & Restructuring Support

We can provide guidance on how to support your team before, during and after layoffs with the option to have our counsellors available to your team during the layoff process.

Psychological Profiling

Using well established psychological profiling methodologies, we can provide you with an effective tool for evaluating the personal attributes, values and motivations of potential partners, employees or investors.

Psychological Consulting

Do you have a specific need for psychological insights, information or support? We can customize a consult to meet your needs.

Our Counsellors

Our team of amazing clinical counsellors are able to provide therapy to adults, children, couples and families. They can provide care in English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, German, and Mandarin.

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD
  • Grief & Loss

  • Depression

  • Separation & Divorce
  • Addiction & Substance Use
  • Marriage & Relationships
  • Trauma
  • LGTBQ+ Support

Our Happy Customers

We've been using FamilySparks EAP for a year and have nothing but glowing reviews from our entire team. As the individual overseeing HR at Certn, I love knowing that our staff is supported and receiving help when they need it most. I would recommend the program to anyone that values the mental well-being of their team and looking to create a healthy work environment.

Owen Madrick, C3O, Certn

At Semaphore Solutions, we believe in creating the best possible environment for our employees to thrive and excel, both as professionals and individuals in the community. By partnering with FamilySparks, our employees' mental health is supported in a meaningful way that far exceeds the services provided through a typical EAP. The resulting benefit has been improved wellbeing for our employees and their families, which translates directly into a workplace that is positive and engaged.

Emily Litster, People Operations Lead, Semaphore Solutions

I can’t even put into words how much this service has helped me. This is by far the most valuable thing any company could ever provide for their employees.

Employee Assistance Program Client

This changed my life. I was stuck in a dark place
and I was finally able to heal and live fully again.

Employee Assistance Program Client

Thank you for offering a service that truly has the clients’ needs at the forefront.

Employee Assistance Program Client

Thank you for doing the work to have trans* knowledgeable and queer counsellors, it makes a world of difference.

Employee Assistance Program Client

I truly love the program and thank you so much for it!

Employee Assistance Program Client

It's giving me practical tools to use in my everyday life and the support is amazing.

Employee Assistance Program Client

At Redbrick we aim to create a healthy and fun place to work. Partnering with the FamilySparks EAP and prioritizing both mental and physical health in our benefits offering will create a well-rounded experience for our team.

Nicole Lee, VP of People & Operations

I am so pleased that my team has this program. FamilySparks is absolutely resourceful, educational and amazing!

Dina Conte-Vari, Osmington Inc.

I had my first session with FamilySparks, and they are wonderful. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to access this great service.

Employee Assistance Program Client

[The EAP] has improved my outlook on life and my future career and has pushed me to pursue my goals.

Employee Assistance Program Client

This service is amazing! This is such a fluid and easy process making getting help for mental health much easier than the typical process. Thank you so much!

Employee Assistance Program Client

Thank YOU so much. It was a terrific session. Best feedback I have ever received from and lunch and learn. First time I have had 3 VP's in a lunch and learn.

Leanne, Director of Human Resources

Therapist is very insightful and respectful, for the first time I have hope that things can change.

Employee Assistance Program Client

I'm so appreciative that this service is available to me and my family. It is more valuable than any monetary supplement.

Employee Assistance Program Client

I am grateful to FamilySparks for their expertise, their compassion and their delicate handling of a complex situation.

Stuart Hall, Head of School, Christ Church Cathedral School