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Raising Teens Apr 30, 2018 Facts your teen needs to know about anxiety & self esteem
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Raising Teens Apr 17, 2018 Teen Depression: 5 ways to make your teen feel loved and supported unconditionally
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Managing Childhood ADHD Take this Course
Raising Teens Apr 6, 2018 So, your kid saw porn – what now?
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Managing Childhood Depression Take this Course
Raising Teens Apr 4, 2018 Parenting and pornography: What you need to know – Part 1
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Raising Teens Mar 29, 2018 Dr. Roberts’ HuffPo Blog: Don’t Be Upset At Your Grouchy Teen — They May Be Depressed Visit the story
Raising Teens Mar 23, 2018 This is the conversation every parent should have with their teen.
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On the News Feb 14, 2018 Contributed to: Mom outraged after daughter told she can’t say no to boys at school dance Visit the story
Raising Kids Jan 8, 2018 Dr. Roberts’ HuffPo Blog: Make Your New Year’s Goal Raising Kids With A Healthy Body Image Visit the story
On the News Dec 1, 2017 Dr. Roberts’ HuffPo Blog: Parent, Here’s Permission To Pull Off A Blissfully Imperfect Holiday Visit the story
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