6 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Socio-emotional Challenges

Raising Kids |

If your child has difficulty dealing with other kids, or struggles with self-regulation, they are likely facing some socio-emotional challenges. This can create some trying situations in the classroom and at home. The good news is that there are several ways you can help them manage these challenges. Here are 6 ideas to try:

  1. Teach mindfulness and self-regulation strategies such as taking deep breaths and positive self talk. There are lots of great apps available to help with this. 
  2. Create a chill out corner in your home where your child can go if they need to calm down.
  3. Practice role playing activities and model appropriate behavior when it comes to staying calm and being respectful and kind to others.
  4. Teach a Growth vs Fixed mindset by encouraging your child to keep trying when they face challenges and continue setting ongoing, achievable goals (that get incrementally more difficult).
  5. Create social opportunities by offering to host a playdate, take you child and a friend to a sports game or a movie, or offer to drive them to and from events to encourage them to attend.
  6. Create a signal for your child to use if they’re in a group situation and need to let you know they’re struggling and need some space to themselves. Suggest sharing this with their teacher as well for use in the classroom.

Don’t expect massive changes overnight. Socio-emotional challenges are tackled over time, with repeated efforts and accumulated “wins”. The more you model positivity and a belief in your child, the more they will believe in themselves.