In Case You Missed Them, Here’s a Roundup of Our Recent Webinars!

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In case you missed them – or if you want to spread the knowledge with friends and family, check out our recent live webinar recordings! We asked the experts about screen time for kids during COVID-19, staying productive while working from home, teen depression during isolation, and creative ways to use tech while homeschooling. Check them out and feel free to share!

Staying Productive from Home

This webinar will help you learn how to (realistically!) maintain productivity and mental health while working remotely. Join Registered Clinical Counsellor, Stephen Roberts, and COO of FamilySparks, Erin Skillen, for a helpful talk on establishing work/home boundaries + structure, coping with family, maintaining social connections, and recognizing early signs of mental health concerns.


Teen Depression in Isolation

This webinar with Dr. Jillian Roberts (Child Psychologist) & Dr. Sean Cruz (MD) tackles teen depression during isolation. They explore how teen depression looks different from adults’, how COVID-19 affects depressed teens, concerns about self-harm & suicide, what you can do to help, & more!

Creative Ways to Use Tech in Isolation

Child Psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts & Google Education’s Jaime Casap talk about learning in isolation and how parents and teachers can use this opportunity to expand the ways their children and students learn.


Screen Time for Kids in the New “Normal”

Feeling guilty about how much screen time your kids are getting? Desperate to get some work done but not sure how without tossing a screen into your their hands? Child Psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts discusses how to get the most out of increased screen time during self-isolation, how to keep your kids safe on the internet, why some kinds of screen time are better than others, what to do if they’ve seen something online they shouldn’t, and more!