Kids with ADHD Need Routine – Even in Summer

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The days get longer, school’s out and there are suddenly BBQs, ball games, music festivals and so much more going on. But if you have a child with ADHD they still need a lot of sleep and a routine. As hard as it can be to make and keep a routine during the summer months, you and your family will ultimately have a better time if your child is getting the consistency they need. You can even have it written out for them to follow.

For Ages 3-6:

  1. Supper time
  2. Help clear table
  3. Run bath
  4. Dim lights
  5. Take off clothes and put them in hamper
  6. Use toilet
  7. Play in bath
  8. Wash up
  9. Dry off & PJs
  10. Teeth
  11. Story x2
  12. Lights off
  13. Backrub
  14. White noise machine

For Ages 6-9:

  1. Supper time
  2. Help clear table
  3. Homework/Instrument practice: 2x 15-minute chunks with a 5-minute break
  4. Dim lights
  5. Bath or shower
  6. PJs
  7. Teeth
  8. Lay out clothing for next day
  9. Silent reading
  10. Book with Mom or Dad
  11. Lights out
  12. Meditation or white noise

Another thing you can do to set your child up for their best behaviour is to have no screens from dinner onward. Screen time activates the brain and decreases melatonin levels, which make it hard to fall asleep. Also, if the content is at all scary, it can lead to nightmares.

Having a consistent routine will help your child transition better from daytime into nighttime, and help them know what to expect each night. There will always be exceptions – it’s summer afterall and you want to have a good time. But having a core of consistency for the majority of your nights can make a huge difference in their overall behaviour.

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