Start 2019 Right With This Easy Mindfulness Exercise

Adults |

Practicing mindfulness can help reduce stress and anxiety, while helping us learn how to stay present. This “Five Senses” exercise helps structure the practice of mindfulness in a quick and easy way so that you can practice anywhere and at anytime:

  1. Notice five things that you can see at this moment. Look around your current environment and point out different things that you may not usually notice and bring awareness to them.
  2. Notice four things that you can feel in this moment. For example, the wind hitting your face or the texture of your shirt against your skin etc.
  3. Notice three things you can hear in this moment. This is usually background noise in your environment; a bird chirping in the distance, the hum of the fridge, or nearby traffic.
  4. Name two things that you can smell in this moment. This could be the aroma of food cooking in the kitchen or freshly cut grass if you are outside.
  5. Notice one thing you can taste in this moment. For instance, take a sip of your drink or a bite of food, or even search the air for some type of taste.

This exercise is a great way to detach from your worries and stressors quickly and easily. If you’re finding it helpful, you may want to consider trying some guided meditation to take your mindfulness to the next level!