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We are living in
a mental health crisis.


Canadians miss work each week due to mental health struggles.

1 in 5

of us are trying to cope with at least one form of mental illness.


is lost by businesses each year because of worker mental health issues.

The time for
change is now.


Mental health support can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.


Each $1 you spend on mental health gives you a $4+ return.


Employees who access support often are more likely to stay employed.

Traditional EAPs are
not doing enough:

  • The traditional EAP model is fundamentally flawed, because shareholders benefit from limiting care and turning people in need away.
  • The number of sessions is capped regardless of the mental health challenge being tackled. Clients either have to stop or pause treatment and wait until the new year because they’re out of sessions.

  • Strict, outdated parameters on who qualifies as “family”.

  • Clients are stuck with the counsellor they receive, whether or not it’s a good fit.

We are a social impact company.
Our success is based on the impact
of our work, not just our revenues.

We have no caps on the number of counselling sessions per client.

Instead of a limited number of sessions, we create a care plan with our counsellors to help each client have the best chance at overcoming their challenges.

Our definition of “family” has evolved to match current family dynamics.

Employees may have aging parents, a common-law partner, grown children or even a roommate who is struggling with their mental wellness and needs support.

Every counselor on our team works from our resilience-based clinical philosopy.

Created by our Founder, psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts, our clinical philosophy ensures clients receive consistently excellent and inclusive care.

Here to help

We’re confident that our impact-focused EAP will meaningfully support – and yield the best work from – the incredible team members you have already. It will also help you attract new talent seeking to work for a company that truly values them, their families and their mental wellness.

Mental wellness support
for your business

Beyond our EAP, our slate of mental health services can guide you on how to respond to mental health crises, learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental illness and work together to build trust within your team. Integrating mental wellness into your workplace creates an invaluable advantage, unlocking productivity, boosting employee engagement and empowering your company to excel.

  • Mental Wellness First Aid
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Training & Support
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Layoff Support
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Psychological Consulting

Founded on clinical expertise.

Our founder, Dr. Jillian Roberts is a child psychologist, professor, author and mother. FamilySparks’ services and resources are based on her decades of research, clinical practice and experience.

Our happy customers

Thank you for offering a service that truly has the clients’ needs at the forefront.

Employee Assistance Program Client

This changed my life. I was stuck in a dark place and I was finally able to heal and live fully again.

Employee Assistance Program Client

Thank you for doing the work to have trans* knowledgeable and queer counsellors, it makes a world of difference.”

Employee Assistance Program Client

At Redbrick we aim to create a healthy and fun place to work. Partnering with the FamilySparks EAP and prioritizing both mental and physical health in our benefits offering will create a well-rounded experience for our team.

Nicole Lee, VP of People & Operations

I had my first session with FamilySparks, and they are wonderful. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to access this great service.

Employee Assistance Program Client

[The EAP] has improved my outlook on life and my future career and has pushed me to pursue my goals.

Employee Assistance Program Client

Thank YOU so much. It was a terrific session. Best feedback I have ever received from and lunch and learn. First time I have had 3 VP's in a lunch and learn.

Leanne, Director of Human Resources

This service is amazing! This is such a fluid and easy process making getting help for mental health much easier than the typical process. Thank you so much!

Employee Assistance Program Client

I'm so appreciative that this service is available to me and my family. It is more valuable than any monetary supplement.

Employee Assistance Program Client

Therapist is very insightful and respectful, for the first time I have hope that things can change.

Employee Assistance Program Client

"Our school experienced a tragic loss of one of our students and a younger sibling, on Christmas Day ... This was an unspeakable trauma that no one ever anticipates having to go through. I am grateful to FamilySparks for their expertise, their compassion and their delicate handling of a complex situation."

Stuart Hall, Head of School, Christ Church Cathedral School

Dr. Roberts' way of introducing important but sometimes challenging topics in her books has really helped to frame constructive and productive conversations in our house. She strikes a wonderful balance between providing information and inviting curiosity and inquiry.

Meg, Mom of 2

Dr. Jillian Roberts shines a bright light on positive solutions and coping strategies for the challenges faced by parents in this rapidly changing, and often difficult to understand world. Her online articles, blog posts and tweets provide simple access to her healthy family expertise and help to normalize life circumstances that families struggle with.

Barbara, Grandma of 3

My own children have benefited from [Dr. Roberts'] gentle words and as well as students in the elementary school where I teach. I am so grateful to have this first step to give to the children in my life! Thank you FamilySparks!

Kiersten, Mom of 3 kids

Dr. Jillian Roberts books helped us during a difficult time by providing the perspective and framing that my daughters needed in order to understand our changing family constellation. Reading her books helped create opportunities to talk about these changes in a supportive, positive way.

Laurel, Mom of 2