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Our founder, Dr. Jillian Roberts is a child psychologist, professor, author and parent. Each FamilySparks course is based off her decades of research and clinical practice.

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Nobody needs more unsolicited advice or scary news articles. We’re here to provide insight, strategies and techniques you can use right away to help empower your family.

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We provide course content for parents, teachers and childcare providers to help navigate common concerns, difficult topics and specific behaviours.

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what others are saying...

Dr. Jillian Roberts books helped us during a difficult time by providing the perspective and framing that my daughters needed in order to understand our changing family constellation. Reading her books helped create opportunities to talk about these changes in a supportive, positive way.

Laurel, Mom of 2

Dr. Roberts' way of introducing important but sometimes challenging topics in her books has really helped to frame constructive and productive conversations in our house. She strikes a wonderful balance between providing information and inviting curiosity and inquiry.

Meg, Mom of 2

My own children have benefited from [Dr. Roberts'] gentle words and as well as students in the elementary school where I teach. I am so grateful to have this first step to give to the children in my life! Thank you FamilySparks!

Kiersten, Mom of 3 kids

Dr. Jillian Roberts shines a bright light on positive solutions and coping strategies for the challenges faced by parents in this rapidly changing, and often difficult to understand world. Her online articles, blog posts and tweets provide simple access to her healthy family expertise and help to normalize life circumstances that families struggle with.

Barbara, Mom of kids, Grandma of 3

I really enjoyed sharing the Facts of Life app with my kids. I discovered it just when my youngest was becoming curious about the subject. I appreciated its gentle, age-appropriate approach, while my kids loved the colourful, interactive presentation. It was a wonderful way to start an important, and ongoing, conversation.

Shannon, Mom of 3 kids

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